GeoShields DarkMatter films use the latest in science and nano-ceramic technology to create a new hybrid film that will far out perform any other window film on the market today.  DarkMatter films are engineered combining a color stable polyester with a similar ceramic material used by NASA on the space shuttle.  This unique combination ensures these films to be the most durable, and to have excellent infrared reflectivity to block out the spectrum of the suns rays that carry the most heat.  Includes a lifetime warranty to never peel, bubble, change color or fade for the life of the vehicle.



                                                            HEAT REJECTION            UV REJECTION


DARKMATTER 48%                       71%                     99.9%


DARKMATTER 25%                       86%                     99.9%


DARKMATTER 15%                       81%                     99.9%


DARKMATTER 05%                       79%                     99.9%



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